Monday, 17 October 2011

Recent Purchases!

Sorry it's been a while since I posted but my life has been a bit hectic recently! 
I want to show you my most recent purchases. First up is a black envelope clutch bag which I bought from ebay for only £3! It came with a longer shoulder strap and a small wrist strap too so it is amazing value for money, I love it! I also bought a t-shirt with a bow design and peter pan collar, which are very in right now, from Zara for £17.99 and some ankle boots from h&m for £30. I've been after some chelsea boots for a while now and when I saw these I fell in love with them! The next item is from ebay again, I think I'm getting addicted to it to be honest! It's a leopard print cardigan (originally from Mango) which I got for only £9.50! Finally, I bought some gorgeous red shorts from River Island for only £28, they are really thick so they're great for Autumn/Winter and I love the colour. The only thing is they are dry clean only :(! I hope you like them, please give me your opinions :).


  1. Your purchases are great! I love the shoes and the colour of te shorts.

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